Sable Pharmacy aims to provide you with the highest level of pharmacy care. We also act as a mail order pharmacy,offering a prescription home delivery service.

Pharmaceutical Aged Care Services

Qualified Pharmacist Checking Aged Care Medication

Looking for trusted, professional delivery of aged care pharmaceuticals?

Sable Pharmacy Group specialises in aged care pharmacy, nursing home pharmacy, aged care drug supplies and medication and drug packing in Melbourne. 

Sable Pharmacy Group provides clinical services and pharmaceutical supply to more than 20 aged care facilities, with comprehensive service tailored to each facility’s unique requirements.


Sable Pharmacy specializes in aged care prescription deliverables and prescription medicines. Our expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology allows us to efficiently achieve one of the highest accuracy rates for nursing home pharmacy supplies, medication packing and aged care drug supplies in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible aged care pharmaceuticals products and service, and are constantly working to minimise the risk of communication errors with innovative methods of medication order communication and auditing solutions.

Our pharmacists visit facilities on a six-monthly basis, checking medication charts against regularly packed medications to ensure that medications are packed accurately as per each patient’s doctor’s instructions.


Our focus on efficiency and accuracy has enabled us to achieve one of the highest packing accuracy rates in the industry.

Fully qualified pharmacists carry out our entire process, and over the past four decades, we have developed multiple checking systems to ensure accuracy at every stage of the process.

From delivering materials into our packing machines, right through to checking upon delivery that what has been prescribed is what we have packed and delivered. The care we take with aged care prescription deliverables makes us a leading provider in the industry.


When you choose Sable Pharmacy to meet the aged care prescription deliverables requirements of your facility, you’ll also have access to a dedicated pharmacist – available to answer any questions, and to make changes to your residents’ medical profiles as necessary.

For more information on Sable Pharmacy Group’s aged care pharmaceuticals services, please call one of our experts.