Finding a pharmacy that is personally committed to you and your healthcare is absolutely essential. Errors involving medications and prescription are the most common in the healthcare system. Mistakes can lead to unnecessary hospital visits, health complications, and more money spent on prescription medication.

The truth about medication errors is that it is entirely preventable.

Sable Pharmacy is dedicated to building a one-to-one relationship with all of our customers. Our pharmacists are in constant communication with you and your doctor to ensure that you are getting the very best care possible. Our team is always available for questions and assistance whenever you have questions.

Accuracy & Commitment

At Sable Pharmacy we are very aware that communication is the largest area of risk, in providing correct medications to aged care facilities. From start to finish, all done by a fully qualified pharmacist, whether it is medication queries, accounts queries or whatever the question is, it is all dealt with by the dedicated pharmacist.

Best communication also means that you will have your own, dedicated pharmacist, who will be available for any queries, questions or changes to your resident’s medication profiles. The pharmacist will also check your weekly medications against the information in your records.

This is unique to Sable Pharmacy, and it gives us the opportunity to provide some of the leading accuracy rates in the industry. That level of dedication is required to guarantee the best results. We are absolutely committed as a member of your healthcare team in seeing you at your very best.

Focus & Training

Sable Pharmacy focuses on training our new team members beyond industry standards. We believe in striving for excellence in every area and perhaps nothing is more important than communication with our customers.

It’s because of our emphasis on training for checking and re-checking that our pharmacists are the best.