How your Pharmacy can help with Aged Care Services

As we get older, it can become more difficult to get around and stay active, and we may develop additional health issues for which we need support. At Sable Pharmacy, we’re the experts in: 

  • Aged care services
  • Aged Care Support
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  •  Mobility aids. 

Whether you require further support, or you have a parent or loved one looking for aged care services and products, we can offer a range of solutions to meet your needs.

Provide Prescriptions and Medical Supplies

Sable Pharmacy is a trusted community pharmacy, and can meet all of your specialist prescription and medication needs. We offer the very best pharmacy care, advice and health solutions, 7 days a week, and our friendly team of specialists are always happy to talk to you about your prescription requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Pharmacist stocking medicine in local pharmacy

Manage your Medication Dosage & Packaging

We work with leading drug delivery system specialists, and can help you manage your prescription medications dosages with daily allocation packaging. Come in and talk to us about your prescriptions, or give us a call to discuss whether custom medication packaging could help you better manage your health needs.

Prescription Home Delivery

It’s not always easy or convenient to come out to see us to pick up your prescription, which is why Sable Pharmacy offers safe and secure prescription home delivery as part of our aged care services offerings. All three of our chemists offer a reliable and convenient prescription home delivery service, to ensure each and every one of our customers has access to their prescription medicines and aged care solutions when they need them.

Mobility Aids

Many of us develop mobility issues as we get older, so we offer a full range of mobility aids and products to assist you in staying active, mobile and independent. Choose from a selection of quality walking frames, underarm and forearm crutches, canes, shower aids and wheelchairs, and talk to our team about your needs to see which of our mobility aids is going to be the best fit for you.

lady using mobility aid

Aged Care Products and Mobility Aid Hire

We understand that your needs can change as you get older, and that some of our products may only be required for a short time, or be beyond your budget. If you would like to hire one of our aged care mobility aids long term, or to assist you in recovery for a few weeks after a fall or operation, talk to our friendly chemists for the best advice on which solutions you can hire to meet your needs.

Wellbeing Products

Health, wellbeing and happiness are important at any age, and this doesn’t change in retirement. We stock a full range of health and wellbeing products, including vitamins and supplements to help boost your immunity, support joint health, reduce pain, and enhance feelings of overall wellbeing.

Want to learn more about our aged care services, products and solutions, and discuss which options are right for you or your parent or loved one? 
Everyone’s needs are different, and our professional chemists and care assistants consider the unique requirements of each of our customers, to help them find the very best solutions for them. Pop into one of our three convenient Melbourne locations: 

Alternatively, you can contact one of our friendly pharmacy staff now to discuss your needs and see how we can help.