3 Reasons why you should Hire Mobility Aids from your Local Pharmacy

Mobility aids can help you stay active, independent as well as providing you help during the time of your recovery. From walking frames and crutches, there is a mobility aid to meet your needs.

There are a range of benefits associated with hiring mobility aids – particularly if you’re looking for additional short-term support while recovering from an illness or operation, or require mobility aids that can change with your needs.

1. Lower Cost than Outright Purchase

When you hire mobility aids from your pharmacy, you remove the need to purchase at a significant cost up-front. Your local chemist can offer both short and long term mobility aid hire, with a range of hire options to meet your requirements and suit your budget. This means only paying a hire fee for as long as you require support.

You can discuss your requirements with your local chemist, who will be able to recommend products to support your recovery, and advise on the likely duration you may need them for.

Long and short term hire options can easily be extended to suit your unique needs.

2. Future-proof your mobility support needs

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, operation or illness, your mobility needs are likely to change in the future. Hiring them from your community pharmacy is a great way to future-proof your mobility support.

For example, if you’re recovering from knee or hip surgery you may require a wheelchair for a number of weeks, but then only require a walking frame or crutches to help you with your movement as you heal.

When you hire mobility aids instead of purchasing them outright, you can use them for as long as is appropriate, and then easily change to a different model as your needs evolve.

3. Ensures you have the latest models and technology

New innovations are constantly emerging in the health and wellness sectors, and new devices and tools to support movements are no exception. Hiring mobility aids from your local chemist means that you’re not locked in to using a specific model or piece of equipment, the way you would be if purchasing. This allows you to easily and affordably upgrade and update your equipment as new models and innovations become available.

It also ensures that equipment can be conveniently and quickly replaced in the unlikely event that a device becomes damaged.

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