5 Essential Physio Aids in Your Local Pharmacy

There is nothing more important than your health. When your health breaks down, it affects every aspect of your life. Thankfully, there are a number of helpful aids and tools to improve your physical wellbeing at your local pharmacy.

1.     Sole Inserts

Feeling a little off balance? If you’re suffering from muscle or joint pain, you may be surprised to learn that your shoes can play a significant role in your overall alignment. The support you give your feet can have a huge impact on all areas of the body, including your knees, hips, and back.

Whether you’re looking to better support your body in your everyday shoes or to add extra cushioning to your joggers to support your balance when you work out, your local chemist has a wide range of sole inserts available. The staff there can give you advice on which insert is going to help you achieve the best result.

2.     Braces and Wraps

If you have back pain, sore knees, repetitive strain in your wrist, or you’re looking for additional ankle support following an injury, take a trip down to your pharmacy and check out their range of mobility aids and medical supplies.

Most chemists stock a wide array of medical grade braces and wraps, designed specifically to support injured or painful joints and muscles and aid in better mobility and faster healing. Talk to your pharmacist for recommendations on which brace or wrap is going to best support you in your journey to better health.

3.     Orthopaedic Shoes

Do you have orthopaedic issues? Many chemists stock an expertly-designed range of orthopaedic shoes for men, women and children, including casual and dress shoes, sandals, and school shoes.

Whether you have flat or sunken arches and require additional sole support, your pharmacy team members can recommend the right pair of orthopaedic shoes to meet your unique needs.

4.     Naturopathic Remedies

If you’re looking for a natural remedy to enhance or improve your energy levels and or overall health, spend some time browsing the naturopathic remedies aisle of your local pharmacy, and talk to your pharmacy team members about which remedy is right for you.

The aim of naturopathic remedies is to treat a condition in a holistic manner – and many of the ingredients used do have an effect on your vitality. This can result in higher energy levels for exercise or better circulation to decrease joint pains. For higher energy levels look for ginseng or taurine. If you’re interested in increasing your circulation, try remedies containing ginkgo or ginger.

It’s important to remember that, while these remedies contain natural ingredients, they may still cause side effects. Be sure to talk to your pharmacist if you are currently taking prescription medication, have allergies or any other known conditions. Always talk to your pharmacist about which option is right for you before taking a new treatment.

5.     Vitamins & Supplements

Besides natural remedies, vitamins and supplements are a great way to enhance your energy levels and for better movement and overall health. If you’re feeling low on energy, you can be sufficient in one of the following:

Magnesium: Needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body - including the breakdown of glucose into energy. Give magnesium a try if your energy level drops.

B vitamins: Similar to magnesium, Vitamin B helps the body convert the food you eat into glucose - which gives you energy. It’s also great when it comes to maintaining the health of your nervous system and spinal cord.

Iron: This is a highly important for both men and women, as it is needed for the production of energy from glucose - which is the main fuel for both your brain and the body.

Of course, we recommend talking to your doctor first and before taking any vitamins or supplements.

Ready to take control of your health and wellbeing? Contact one of the friendly team members at Sable Pharmacy to discuss your unique needs.