How your local pharmacy can help you get through Flu Season

Stay happy and healthy this cold and flu season. Sable Pharmacy offers a range of medical supplies, vitamins and supplements to keep you and your family in excellent health all year round. Here are just some of the immunity-boosting and flu-fighting solutions we recommend.

Get a Flu Vaccination

Of course, the flu vaccine should be your first point of call in keeping you and your family flu-free this cold and flu season. We offer a range of medical supplies and health solutions, and offer the flu shot from our three convenient Melbourne locations to save you the trouble of making a special trip to the doctor.

General Health & Wellness Supplements

We offer a wide range of supplements for general health and wellbeing, as well as supplements specifically developed to boost immunity during cold and flu season, including Multi-Vitamin supplements, Ginseng, Astragalus and Elderberry.

Studies have shown that stress can negatively impact immunity, so a Magnesium supplement or wellbeing product such as Rescue Remedy can help you reduce stress and maintain great health. Our friendly team of chemists can advise on the best supplement to meet your needs.

Echinacea Products:

There is some evidence that Echinacea may be helpful in treating or preventing colds, which is why this herb has become a firm favourite in fighting infections during cold and flu season.

While there are many Echinacea products and supplements available, not all are created equal. Some lower quality supplements may contain no Echinacea whatsoever, despite the claims on the label. At Sable Pharmacy, we stock only high quality, trusted supplements and vitamins, and can provide expert advice on which Echinacea product or blend is right for you.

Zinc Supplements:

Taking zinc tablets within 24 hours of cold symptoms appearing is thought to help reduce the severity and longevity of symptoms. Zinc can help to keep the immune system strong, which makes this supplement a great choice for cold and flu season.

It is possible to get enough Zinc from your diet – particularly if you eat seafood, beans, lentils, and wholegrain breads and cereals – so it’s important to discuss your intake with a pharmacy professional before taking additional Zinc in vitamin or supplement form.

Vitamin C:

Your mother was right – getting your daily dose of Vitamin C really can help you stave off colds and other seasonal nasties.

Vitamin C can boost your immunity and act as an effective preventative measure to reduce your chances of getting a cold. Many people meet their required Vitamin C intake through fruits and vegetables alone, but if you struggle to maintain your Vitamin C levels consistently (especially over winter), a supplement can be an effective and convenient solution.

Vitamin D:

Many people become low in Vitamin D over the colder months, since spending the majority of time indoors makes it difficult to reach the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Vitamin D is important for general immune strength, which increases your body's ability to ward off cold and flu symptoms. A Vitamin D supplement can help ensure Vitamin D levels are consistent over winter.

Vitamin E:

Few people realise Vitamin E plays an important role in building and maintaining strong immunity, but this powerful antioxidant can be vital in protecting against cell damage, and staying healthy over flu season. It is important to take the appropriate amount of Vitamin E, so be sure to speak to one of our chemists before choosing a Vitamin E supplement.

Garlic Supplements:

Sometimes old wives’ tales are popular for a reason, and in this case garlic really can help boost immunity, help fight viruses, and lower the risk of catching a cold. Though garlic is generally most effective for boosting immunity when consumed raw, not all people enjoy working crushed or minced garlic into their diet and worrying about garlic breath. If you’d rather take a garlic supplement, we have a range of quality products available.


Omega-3 fatty acids offer an array of immunity-boosting benefits, including increasing the cells that fight flu by ‘eating up’ bacteria, and increasing airflow and protecting lungs from colds and respiratory infections. If you don’t eat a lot of fish, an Omega-3 supplement can help keep you fighting fight during flu season.