5 Tips for Choosing a Local Pharmacy

Your local pharmacy plays an important role in your health – after all, most people will make a visit to their pharmacist for treatment and advice more often than their doctor. A good local chemist can provide an array of health and wellbeing support and treatment options, as well as expert advice on which remedies and supplements will best meet your needs.

Finding the right pharmacy for you is very important. Here are five key things to consider when looking for a top quality pharmacy in your area.

1. Choose a Local Pharmacist that knows you

When you frequent the same local chemist, you build a relationship where your pharmacist is able to learn about your unique needs, and make recommendations based on what is going to best suit your health and lifestyle. When choosing a pharmacy, look for a team who show a special interest in offering the best personalised service, and ask questions about:

  • Your health – any known conditions that you currently have or had.
  • Any medications you may already be taking
  • If you’d had reactions to any treatments or medications in the past.

2. Find a pharmacy that can make trusted recommendations

Having a wide array of treatments and prescription medications are important. However, if you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be tricky to find the solution that is going to best meet your needs.

When looking for a local pharmacy that you can trust, ask for recommendations from friends and family about who they’ve found to be most helpful. Do some research online to get a feel for which local chemist options have a long history of serving their communities.

Building trust with your pharmacist and talking to them about your needs will allow them to make knowledgeable recommendations in order to help you manage your health and wellbeing.

3. The best pharmacists help you avoid side effects

Whether you suffer from allergies or have noticed side effects from different medications, it’s important to consider how a new medication or supplement may impact your wellbeing. Experienced chemists often have a good understanding of the medications, naturopathic remedies, vitamins and supplements and can advise on the best options to help you avoid any unwanted side effects.


4. Find a team YOU can connect with

Your health and wellbeing are both very personal issues, so it’s really important when choosing a local chemist to find a pharmacy team you feel comfortable with. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to personalities and building a rapport – meaning that it is completely normal for to build trust and connect easily with one particular local pharmacy over another. Be on the lookout for pharmacy staff who are personable, friendly, and make YOU feel comfortable talking openly about your health and wellness.

5.     Choose experts in treatment planning

Health and wellness is a long-term journey – not a short-term fix. When choosing a local chemist, take special note of pharmacists and chemist team members who talk to you about treatment planning. This indicates they have an interest in helping you to achieving your health goals long-term; regardless of whether those goals are around improving your general wellness, managing allergies or weight loss.

Finding a local chemist who is an expert in treatment planning, and has an interest in understanding your unique requirements and needs is important. This would allow them to make the best recommendations, will help you improve the wellbeing of you and your entire family.

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